Step in as a Stranger - and leave as a Friend

Rick packing... by Rob de Koter

Rick packing...

Customers simple pleasure. Chili Lime Tequila Tortilla BRITTLE! Sicilian Lemon Olive Oil... for Fish this evening!

Sophika & Rick by Rob de Koter

Sophika & Rick

Showing some exclusive jewelry to an interested customer we have many collectable and unique pieces  

The Corner Shoppe by Rob de Koter

The Corner Shoppe

Cooks/Grillers know that cooking is all about quality ingredients from caliber of seasonings to toppings or side dishes

Welcome in The Corner Shoppe

Specialty gifts... 

A unique presentation of items to suit all discerning tastes. From one of a kind collectibles to hand made unusual jewelry, foodie compliments and snacks from around the world - for gifting special friends or oneself... we're the destination for you. 

Upon walking into our quaint little shop you will see exceptional artisan-style food accompaniments uniquely presented throughout the store, with an abundant amount of samples offered around the shop, and happy, enthusiastic Corner Shoppe experts ready to lead you on your culinary adventure.