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Pairing unique award winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil's (EVOO's), Balsamic's and our rare find blended spices experiencing the best
available anywhere.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)is now undisputedly a super food. We have some of the finest available and it
can have profound, powerful and positive effects on your health.
The flavored EVOO's we carry are so tasty and add so much to your cooking… you forget how incredibly
healthy it is for you!
Health Benefits of EVOO
Rich in Vitamins A, B‐1, B‐2, - C, D, E, K and Iron
- Lowers harmful LDL Cholesterol
- Lowers triglyceride levels
- Lessons the severity of asthma and arthritis
- Natural anti‐inflammatory (same as found in ibuprofen)
- Helps in reducing high blood pressure
- Reduces risk of Alzheimer's
- Inhibits growth of some cancers
- Reduces risk of cardiovascular disease
- Aids in digestion and helps control blood sugar levels
Just to list a few facts of those health benefits:
There is always the discussion of using EVOO for frying foods... while we do recommend the use of
Avocado oil for stir‐fries and frying, EVOO is acceptable keeping in mind its smoke point (breakdown) is
about 375 to 410 degrees. Also remember to bring EVOO up to temp gradually to prevent burning keeping
oil at optimal taste and nutritional levels.
Baking with EVOO is without a doubt, one of the most positive replacements for butter. (conversion is
about 25% less oil than butter i.e. 2 tablespoons butter = 1 1/2 tablespoons EVOO) EVOO over vegetable
and canola oil in baking recipes adds more flavor, moistness and a lighter taste. The addition of EVOO in
baking also reduces cholesterol and saturated fat count. Did we mention, with the use of infused oils you
add even more to the complexity of flavor to your baking experiences!
Health Benefits of Balsamic Vinegars
Balsamic Vinegars are made from pressing of grapes… now we can say through personal experience the
pressing of grapes also produces some of the finest wines, and we've tasted our share! But I digress,
Balsamics are put in kegs and go through a natural aging process which can take many years. The natural
fermentation produces a substance with many health benefits. The substance, poly phenols also found in
EVOO is present in balsamic vinegar. The antioxidant properties are very powerful.
- Improve the immune system
- Reduces high blood pressure
- Helps strengthen bones
- Suppresses the body's appetite (except that they really taste good)
- Rich in potassium, manganese, calcium and iron
- Anti‐viral and anti bacterial qualities
- Studies show it reduces inception of headaches
- Guards against harmful radicals
Here are a few facts:
Cooking and Baking with Balsamic Vinegars
Balsamic vinegars are made from a reduction of grapes and the juice is natural and unfermented. There is
no need to refrigerate and once a bottle is opened it can be stored indefinitely in a cool, dark place, away
from heat and light.
Balsamics add flavor and depth to many dishes. It's not just for salads… although the infused flavors make
them an incredible choice to step up any salad!
- Try various flavors over Parmigianino Reggiano cheese
Finishing sauces (with or without EVOO) for risottos, pastas, vegetables grilled or broiled and fish (try
cooking with our Sicilian Lemon EVOO and when ready to serve blend a light mix of the Lemon and
our Cucumber Balsamic approximately 2 to 1, drizzle it lightly over the fish and serve)
- Add to sauces, stews, soups, casseroles and even omelets
- Use aged or infused in marinades for meats, fish, poultry and vegetables
- Substitute 1/4 of the lemon or lime with our infused Balsamics
- Substitute 1/2 the vinegar In a recipe with balsamic vinegar
- Over ice cream!
Over fruit… these days we often get fruit at the market that looks much better than it tastes, drizzle
with your favorite balsamic
Ideas of directions you can take with our aged and infused Balsamics
There are many ways to be creative enhancing the flavors of your dishes you need only to try. The fun and
motivation comes from successes and oddly enough from the failed attempts that will make your successes
even more sweet. Sharing those successes with friends and us… here at The Corner Shoppe.